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Entry deadline looming for BMC meeting in Braunton

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

RUNNERS have until 5pm tomorrow (Thursday June 19th) to enter the next regional meeting of the British Milers’ Club at Braunton on Tuesday June 24th.
New Zealand 800m women’s champion Angie Smit is hoping to race over 1500m and is targeting a time of sub 4mins 15secs.
Smit is staying in the UK with her boyfriend Sam Petty, the North Devon AC middle distance athlete. She is preparing to represent New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games which start in Glasgow on July 23.
North Devon AC are hosting a BMC meeting for the first time due to the temporary closure of the Exeter Arena for refurbishment.
Tuesday’s event will incorporate graded races over 800m and 1500m. Entries should be made on-line at:
Races start at 8pm and athletes should register by 7pm

Reuben lifts Avon Schools’ title with thrilling PB

Monday, June 16th, 2014

REUBEN Wilmshurst raced to a thrilling victory at the Avon Schools’ Track & Field Championships, in Yate.
The 14-year-old Bristol Grammar School student smashed his personal best with a sparkling time of 2mins 05.0secs to finish just ahead of Bath’s Themis Bower and win the junior boys’ 800m title.
That time not only carved over five seconds for his previous best but was also inside the English Schools’ qualifying standard. It also lifted Wilsmhurst – younger brother of former GB junior international Ellie – to third in the South West Rankings.
Bower was also rewarded with a big PB, carving four seconds off his previous best.
Wilmshurst is a member of Bristol & West AC and s coached by Alison Hurford.

Avon Schools’ Track & Field Championships, Yate – senior boys: 100: 1 Daniel Munroe (SG) 12.1; 2 Ben Mayall (BANES) 12.1; 3 Mark Smith (SG) 12.1; 200: 1 Ryan Hampson (SG) 23.1; 2 Ben Watt (B) 23.9; 400: 1 Mark Cottam (B) 50.2; 2 Harry Fuller (BANES) 52.6; 3 George Logout (BANES) 52.1; 800: 1 George Chapman (BANES) 1:59.3; 1500: 1 Scott Carpenter (SG) 4:19.5; 3000: 1 Carpenter 9:31.4; 400H: 1 Rob Phillips (SG) 56.7; DT: 1 Sam Boulton (BANES) 33.93; SP: 1 Boulton 12.14.
Inter boys 100: 1 Mike Geen (SG) 11.7; 2 Tom Pallot (SG) 11.7; 3 Thomas Goodman (B) 11.8; 200: 1 Pallot 23.5; 2 Declan Walters (NS) 24.5; 3 Alfie Light (B) 24.7; 400: 1 Goodman 51.7; 2 Josh Snook (SG) 62.7; 3 Ben Wells (SG) 53.1; 800: 1 Henry Cochrane 2:05.6; 2 Joe Gentry (NS) 2:08.2; 3 Jo Connors (SG) 2:10.4; 1500: 1 David Warnes (SN) 4:19.8; 2 Harry Leeming (B) 4:22.7; 3 George Marshall (B) 4:23.6; 3000: 1 Finn Ross (BANES) 10:37.8; 100H: 1 Jacob Spence (SG) 13.8; 2 Aimann Wynne (NS) 16.6; 3 Louis Neale (BANES) 17.8; 400H: 1 Mike Green (SG) 58.2; 2 Lucas Regazzo (B) 62.0; HJ: 1 Adam Brooks (SG) 1.80; 2 Regazzo 1.70; 3 Alex Taylor (NS) 1.65; LJ: 1 Harry Weston (SG) 5.65; 2 Henry Jones (B) 5.48; 3 Kieran Griffin (BANES) 5.19; TJ: 1 Weston 11.99; 2 Dom Leigh (BANES) 11.52; 3 Griffin 11.09; SP: 1 Harvey Flower (SN) 11.11; 2 Oliver George (BANES) 9.90; 3 Indi Newman (SG) 9.55; DT: 1 Sam Iles (NS) 28.16; 2 Newman 27.51; 3 Andy Burton (NS) 26.25; Jav: 1 Mark Pratt (B) 40.30; 2 Olly Schutt (BANES) 33.96; 3 Alfie Light (B) 33.33; PV: 1 Jonny Shine (SG) 2.75.
Junior boys – 100: 1 Will Hines (B) 12.2; 2 Alex Croft (NS) 12.3; 3 Daniel Brooks (SG) 12.5; 200: 1 Bruce De Silveria (B) 24.4; 2 Josh Bagnall-Green (SG) 24.7; 3 To Millett (B) 25.0; 300: 1 Jack Holbrook (SG) 40.4; 2 Rory Murchison (BANES) 40.8; 3 Tyree Stewart (NS) 41.5; 800: 1 Reuben Wilmshurst (B) 2:05.0; 2 Themis Bower (BANES) 2:05.7; 3 Anton Mills (SG) 2:07.8; 1500: 1 Hugh Sadler (B) 4:32.1; 2 Ben Cureton (NS) 4:32.3; 3 Leon Graham (SG) 4:41.5; 80H: 1 Jack Moore (SG) 13.1; 2 George Adams (BANES) 13.1; 3 Sam Chivers (B 13.7; PV: 1 Kurt Cameron (SG) 3.25; HJ: 1 Moore 1.71; 2 Adams 1.60; 3 Fraser Russel (BANES) 1.60; LJ: 1 Russel 5.41; 2 Jack Hartley (BANES) 4.91; 3 Ewan Campbell (NS) 4.86; TJ: 1 Sam Chivers (B) 11.05; 2 Tyree Stewart (NS) 10.59; 3 Seamus Burgess (B) 10.09; SP: 1 Sam Elrick (NS) 10.50; 2 Ammar Nazrali (SG) 10.46; 3 Harry Gooding (BANES) 10.32; DT: 1 Elrick 31.49; 2 Joe Williams (SG) 26.04; 3 Deon Victor (BANES) 24.45; Jav: 1 Jude Penny (B) 39.19; 2 Adam Millward (NS) 38.54; 3 Cameron 34.50; HT: 1 Tyler Molon (SG) 35.12.
Minor boy – 100: 1 Archie Barber (SG) 13.2; 2 Numair James (B) 13.3; 3 Matt Northcott (NS) 13.4; 800: 1 Abdi Hasan (B) 2:21.7; 2 Sam Gentry (NS) 2:22.7; 3 Billy Padfield (BANES) 2:26.8; SP; 1 Nick Lovelace (SG) 8.59; 2 Charlie Derham NS) 8.14; 3 Charlie Christie (B) 7.32; HJ: 1 Gentry 145; 2 Barber 1.43; 3 James 1.38.

Senor girls 100: 1 Katie Priest (SG) 12.9; 2 Yemma Songu (SG) 13.0; 200: 1 Priest 25.9; 2 Claire Dyer (BANES) 28.1; 400: 1 Loren Bleaken (BANES) 55.2; 2 Melissa Roberts (SG) 57.6; 3 Maria Jones (B) 63.8; 1500: 1 Joanne Taylor (B) 2:26.9; 1500: 1 Katy Humphreys (BANES) 6:09.2; 400H: 1 Hattie Dent (SG) 67.3; Jav: 1 Jo Smerdon (SG) 27.4.
Inter girls – 100: 1 Emily Wright (SG) 12.8; 2 Sarah Smith (NS) 12.9; 3 Chloe Webster (SG) 13.7; 200: 1 Natasha Jones (B) 28.4; 2 Emily Cameron (BANES) 28.5; 3 Jennifer Bellis (SG) 29.0; 300: 1 Ella Falk (B) 41.3; 2 Sarah Long (BANES) 41.8; 3 Annie Lewis (SG) 41.9; 800: 1 Sophie Nash (B) 2:22.5; 2 Alice Withers (NS) 2:37.7; 3 Hannah Rokkas (BANES) 2:39.4; 1500: 1 Ellie Leather (SG) 4:50.8; 2 Cecilie Anderson (NS) 5:12.3; 3 Sophia Maxi-Jones (BANES) 6:36.4; 3000: 1 Katie Seaborne (BANES) 11:51.0; 2 Emma Jones (B) 11:53.1; 80H: 1 Livia Gauntlett (BANES) 12.3; 2 Sam Barrett (B) 14.0; 3 L Robine-Durnell (BANES) 16.0; HT: 1 Hollie Cunningham (SG) 35.66; HJ: 1 Ada’Ora Chigbo (B) 1.75; 2 Alice Reynolds (BANES) 1.55; 3 Barrett 1.55; LJ: 1 Wright 5.29; 2 Sarah Long (BANES) 4.49; 3 Sophie Hay (BANES) 4.39; TJ 1 Lucy Rowlands (BANES) 8.78 ; SP: 1 Rownita Marston (B) 12.89; 2 Chigbo 12.33; 3 Gaby Cook (BANES) 10.52; DT: 1 Cook 23.98; 2 Jazz Hennessy (BANES) 19.78; 3 Briony Cox (NS) 18.71; Jav: 1 Cox 24.64 2 Katie Cox (BANES) 21.10; 3 Laura Cliford Ward (BANES) 19.69.

Junior girls – 100: 1 Abi Roach (NS) 1.3; 2 Dani Prendergast (B) 13.4; 3 Molly Chapman (NS) 13.4; 200: 1 Roach 27.6; 2 Prendergast 28.1; 3 Zoe Owen (SG) 28.1; 800: 1 Anna Burt (BANES) 2:19.5; 2 Harriet Emery (NS) 2:21.3; 3 Hannah Hobbs (SG) 2:22.0; 1500: 1 Rosie Allen (SG) 4:58.6; 2 Eloise Browne (B) 5:06.7; 3 Harriet Lambe (SG) 5:19.5; 75H: 1 Sophie Parker (NS) 12.7 2 Nicola Fortune (BANES) 13.1; HJ: 1 Issy Twiggs (BANES) 1.40; 2 Chapman 1.35; 3 Nina Nemi (B) 1.35; LJ: 1 Emma Bakare (NS) 4.84; 2 Emma Warrinton (B 4.37; 3 Meg Allan (BANES) 4.26; SP: 1 Bakare 9.36; 2 Ellie Shail (NS) 9.12; 3 Olivia Caesar (BANES) 8.59; DT: 1 Catherine Clayton (B) 28.85; 2 Elena Guglieni (BANES) 25.69; Jav: 1 Imogen Hurst (BANES) 33.45; 2 Martha Scott (BANES) 28.77; 3 Warrinton 20.04; HT: 1 Clayton 32.34.

Minor girls – 100: 1 Tia Jackson (SG) 13.6; 2 Charlotte Roberts (B) 14.5; 3 Libby Hayett (B) 14.9; 800: 1 Rosie Whitehead (B) 2:26.6; 2 Ellie Hobbs (SG) 2:26.9; 3 Katie Jones (B) 2:27.7; SP: 1 A John (BANES) 6.97; 2 Ayanna Miles (B) 6.48; 3 Paris Hendy (BANES) 6.41; HJ: 1 Roberts 1.41; 2 Grace Williams (NS) 1.25; 3 Kira Cunio (BANES) 1.15.

Sprint ace Stone closes in on World Juniors prize

Monday, June 16th, 2014

BRISTOL sprinter Chris Stone is closing on the prize of a place in the Great Britain team for the World Junior Championships in America.
The 19-year-old Bristol & West AC athlete who has made tremendous progress under coach Ali Abrams this summer, scorched to a personal best of 10.45secs to win the Under 20 men’s 100m at the Midland Championships in Birmingham on Saturday.
The time puts Stone third in the UK Rankings for under 20 men but crucially the Bristol & West athlete was inside the qualifying standard of 10.50secs for the first time.
Stone already has a strong chance of going to Eugene, Oregon in the 4×100m relay squad and if he can now make the podium in the World trials, which are being held in Bedford next weekend, an individual berth is also within his grasp.
Interestingly Stone’s winning time to lift the Midlands Under 20 men’s title was quicker than Olympian Mark Lewis-Francis recorded to win the senior men’s 100m.
Stone, who is a former winner of the Bristol Post/Easy Runner athlete of the month competition, also won the 200m in a personal best of 20.92secs, which is his first time under 21 seconds and also inside the World Junior qualifying mark of 21.00secs.
Stone’s Bristol & West clubmate Lucy Bryan was already a dead cert for selection to America and the 19-year-old from pole vaulter Backwell showed she is coming into top form with a season’s best of 4.35m to win her first significant senior event overseas in Geneva on Friday night.
That leap was only five centimetres below her PB set last year and is the best vault outdoors by a British athlete this summer as the current UK No1 Holly Bleasdale has yet to compete since the indoor season.
Also in Geneva B&W international Emily Diamond recorded her second quickest 400m ever with 52.41secs, just outside her lifetime best of 52.32, to finish runner-up. Two days previously she had run 52.58sec sin Oslo.

Merson scorches to Midsummer victory

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

TOM Merson scorched to an impressive victory in the Clevedon Midsummer 10k road race in north Somerset last night.
The Bristol & WestAC runner, who is due to make his debut for England in the Home Countries’ Fell Running International in Keswick on Saturday, clocked a superb solo 30mins 30secs as he led from gun to tape.
The time was only 10 seconds outside Merson’s PB.

Lucy discovers the art of ultra running - & winning!

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

LUCY Richens ran superbly to claim one of the best wins of her career at the weekend.
In her first ultra the in-form Westbury Harrier finished top woman in the classic Dartmoor Discovery 34 miles event at the weekend.
Richens completed the one-loop course in the National Park in a time of 4:16.04 to finish eighth overall of the 200 runners with Sarah Morwood of Mud Crew Trail Runners second (4:18.47) .
Richens’ previous further race has been the marathon with a best time of 2:51.46 in London earlier this year.
The men’s race was won by Bath-based 45-year-old John Ward in a new course record of 3hrs 29mins 24secs.
“I was really chuffed to win that,” said Ward.

Lucy handed GB senior debut in Germany

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

LUCY Bryan will make her senior debut for Great Britain at the prestigious European Team Championships in Germany at the end of the month.
The 19-year-old Bristol & West AC athlete from Backwell has been picked to contest the pole vault in the match which will be held in Braunschweig on 21 – 22 June.
“I am very excited about the event,” said Bryan. “This will be my first senior GB vest and it will be a hard competition but also a lot of fun.”
The call-up represents a big tribute to Bryan from the GB selectors as only one athlete is named per event but it is no more than a reflection of her current form as she is currently lying second on the UK Rankings behind Holly Bleasdale.
Nonetheless, she will be the youngest member of the team which includes numerous seasoned internationals and Olympians – including 2012 long jump champion Greg Rutherford.
“I am the baby of the team and I am sure it will be really enjoyable,” added Bryan, who is a former winner of the Bristol Post/Easy Runner athlete of the month competition.
But before Germany Bryan will be turning her attention to competing in Geneva on Friday evening and hoping to improve upon her season’s best 0f 4.25m outdoors.
Bryan isn’t the only Bristol & West athlete named in the 48-strong squad as clubmate Emily Diamond is named in the 4×400m relay squad.
Diamond, who will celebrate her 23rd birthday today (JUNE 11TH), is still waiting to hear whether she will be named in the England squad for the Commonwealth Games as the announcement of the team has been put back. Diamond is due to race the 400m in the Bislett Games, Oslo, tonight (WEDNESDAY)
British Athletics Performance Director Neil Black said: “We head to Germany with the aim of being competitive and to challenge for as many points as possible. In comparison to last year’s team, this is very much a developmental squad due to the confines of a crowded calendar this summer and the Sainsbury’s British Championships just a week later.
“It is also great that our senior 400m and 4×400m athletes have wholeheartedly supported the plan to give up and coming athletes the opportunity to perform on this stage.
“It will greatly benefit the teams for future major championships, and I am really looking forward to seeing how these guys perform. There may be one or two surprises.”
At the 2013 European Team Championships in Gateshead, GB & NI finished third overall with a total points score of 339.
Other west athletes in the team are Trowbridge sprinter Danny Talbot (100m) and Bath-based Sophie Papps (200m) and Taunton AC’s Isabelle Jeffs (javelin).

England keep west hopefuls waiting

Monday, June 9th, 2014

LOCAL athletes Richard Peters and Emily Diamond will have to wait a little longer before they can break their silence on whether they have been selected to represent England at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.
England Athletics were due to officially unveil their team today – though it was selected last week – but have put back the decision without any explanation. In the meantime all athletes have been warned t say nothing.
On the UK Rankings both Peters (1500m) and Diamond (400m) have strong cases to be in the team.
Other west front runners to be named in the England squad include Trowbridge sprinter Danny Talbot (200m and 4×100m relay), who has been in outstanding form this summer setting two personal bests in the 100m and the second quickest time in the UK t 200m. It would be a major shock if he wasn’t included.
Other contenders include Bath sprinter Sophie Papps, former Millfield School student Jemma Simpson (800m & 1500m) and Bristol & West AC life member and four-times Olympian5000m runner Jo Pavey.
In the throws Taunton’s Izzy Jeffs will be hoping to get the nod for her second championships after making her debut in Delhi four years ago but 19-year-old pole vaulter Lucy Bryan of Bristol, who is second in the UK Rankings, is likely to be told that the World Junior Championships, which are held just before the Commonwealths in America, are her priority.
The Scotland team will also be announced shortly and B&W 1500m runner Dave Bishop and Cheltenham javelin thrower James Campbell both have a great chance of making the team.

Christine and Charlotte are record-breakers

Monday, June 9th, 2014

CHRISTINA Jones and Charlotte Green took centre stage in Bristol & West’s excellent performance in the second match of the UK Women’s Athletic League.
In-form Jones set a new divisional record of 60.13m while Green also broke the old Division Two record in the 2000m steeplechase with victory in 6mins 51.19secs.
The club finished second to Cardiff on the day but retain their overall lead with one match remaining.
“So it’s all to play for in the last match (so) please ladies turn out in force in the last match and promotion to Division One is yours for the taking!” said team boss Chris Elson.
UK Women’s Athletic League, Division Two – overall (after two matches): 1 Bristol & West AC 15; Cardiff AAC 14; 3 Newham & Essex Beagles 13; 4 Havering AC 10.

Match 2: 1 Cardiff AAC 242; 2 Bristol & West AC 211; 3 Newham & Essex Beagles 195; 4 Havering AC 164; 5 Milton Keynes 151; 6 Reading AC 127; 7 Herne Hill Harriers 124; 8 City of Portsmouth 98.

Elson is delighted with B&W ‘heroics’

Monday, June 9th, 2014

BRISTOL & West team manager Chris Elson has paid tribute to his athletes after they retained their overall lead in the UK Women’s Athletic League.
“Most reports start with the stars and Christine Jones & Charlotte Green were stars setting new divisional records,” said Elson.
“However, what kept the team in pole position were the heroics performed by many on the day. The best thing about managing Bristol & West AC teams, of all hues, is that when the chips are down people rally round.
“So it proved on Sunday, and a little arithmetic on the scores shows how defeat could easily have been snatched from the jaws of victory!
“First off, how about Madison Thomas having won the Long jump in 5.63m, very close to her PB, weighing in with 4th place in the B shot and Christina Jones with a 11m throw 3rd in the A shot.
“Next up, Alyssa Small 3rd in the high jump after 4th in the B 200m. With illness & exams taking its toll it was a scratch 4 X 400m relay team that lined up for the last event, and with Christine Ohuruoghu in their line up, no-one was going to beat Newham.
“Hattie Dent stepped in after 2nd place in the 400mH, and being drafted in to the A 400m at the last minute, to run a good tactical leg handing over to Hannah Jackson.
“Hannah Williams had a 12.83 100m and 2nd in B race, and 4th in the TJ with 9.92. In the 800m Miranda Sadler ran strongly to take 2nd in 2.14.93 with Joey Taylor 2nd B in 2.28.20.
“The 3K and 1500m featured our 2012 Olympic representative, Claire Hallissey and star in the making Anna Burton. With two 2nd’s in the A race Claire looked very strong and two firsts in the B for Anna, they did all that was asked of them.
“Hannah Jackson ran much faster than in Cardiff and took 3rd in the 100mH in 15.55 while Becky Courtney took 3rd B in 16.96 after winning the B Long jump with 4.73m.
“Amelia Hempleman-Adams equalled her best performance this year taking 2nd place in the HJ with 1.65. Elsewhere, Elise Gauntlett showed great courage in the PV taking 3rd place with 3m when having difficulty with her take off and Rocio Moya was 2nd B with 2.40m, as well as gaining team points in the discus & javelin.”

Team boss Knibb salutes improved performace

Monday, June 9th, 2014

BRISTOL & West AC’s men have moved up to third overall at the halfway mark of the British Men’s League Division Two campaign.
After a below-par performance in the opening match the club improved to third in the second fixture at Southampton on Saturday .
“There as a much-improved team performance on Saturday with several individual wins and PBs,” said team manager Cy Knibb.
The club finished third behind the hosts and Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC ith te latter now leading overall from Southampton and Bristol & West.
“Our best event was our clean sweep in the pole event with Connell Macquisten (4.60m) and Luke Baily (4.20m),” added Knibb.
“Other wins came from Dan Studley (800m), Charlie MacLean (3000m steeplechase), Yannick Budd (110mH), Jack Cullinan (hammer) and James Preston (discus).”
The final two matches will be held at Derby on July 5th ad August 9th at Bath University.

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